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Sonja Breinholst

Sonja Breinholst

Research assistant

Born 1983, graduated as a MSc in Psychology 2008, clinical Psychologist at Center for Kognitiv Terapi, Psykiatrisk Center Sankt Hans 2008-2011, autorised clinical psychologist 2010, PhD fellowship at University of Copenhagen 2011

Primary fields of research

Developmental psychopatology, Child anxiety, Attachment,  Parenting,

Current research

My present research is on attachment in regard to development and maintenance of childhood anxiety. More specifically, with whether and how reflective functioning (measured by The Friends and Family Interview) can mediate the relation between attachment insecurity (measured by e.g. Security Scale)  and elevated symptoms of anxiety in children and adolescent. My research also consists of studiyng parental behaviours (overinvolvement and negativity; e.g. Tangram Tasc) and reflective functioning and attachment representations (measured by AAI) in regard to the child’s RF and to the etiology of childhood anxiety in general.


Clinical psychology, clinical child psychology, developmental psychology, developmental psychopathology, attachment, anxiety

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