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Emilie Strøm

Emilie Strøm

PhD Student

Primary fields of research

  • Developmental Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Language and communication
  • Body-mind


Current research

Ph.d. project title: "The Bodily Basis of Meaning"

My research focuses on the motoric and emotional developmental processes in relation to meaning/language in the child’s first years. The main focus is on empirical research in establishment of cross modality especially the relation between movements and meaning. Both children with  disabilities and typically developed children are involved.

The research is cross disciplinary and integrates a philosophical, normal psychological and clinical psychological approach. Theoretically the work is rooted in developmental psychology with basis in phenomenology, embodiment og traditional psychological theories about meaning creation and communicative/linguistic development. The project constitutes a relatively new area within psychology.


  • Language comprising tactile language and psychic development that means well-being, psychiatric disorders, cognitive functions etc.
  • Linquistic and communicative development and psychosocial function
  • The relationship between body and mind
  • Schemas
  • Amodal perception
  • Formation of cross modality specially the relationship between motoric and meaning/language


Supervisors: Professor, dr. med. Simo Køppe & associate professor Jesper Dammeyer


Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Health Psychology

ID: 49764209