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Christopher Høier Trier

Christopher Høier Trier

PhD fellow

Member of:

    Areas of interest: Father Research, Psychosis, Schizophrenia, Attachment theory, Infant Development, Development psychopathology.

     In my project I investigate:

     1. Characteristics of the father - when the mother has had or has a severe mental disorder.

     2. The development of caregiving representation from pregnancy to after birth (4 months).

     3. Exploring the father-child interaction at 4 months compared to mother-child interaction at 4 months.

     The first part of the project aims to elucidate the characteristics of the father, since this can act as a protective factor or additional risk when the mother has serious mental disorder. The second part explores the development of caregiving representation of fathers from pregnancy to birth, which can point to important clinical areas of intervention or the need for further assessment. The final section explores whether the father in his interaction with the child serves as a protective factor or pose a risk to the child's development and in addition if the father's interaction patterns correlate with maternal patterns of interaction with the child.

    The project is a sub-project of the Danish-Scottish research project; 'Well-being and resilience: Mechanisms of transmission of mental health and risk development with parents with serious mental illness and their children (WARM study) led by Susanne Harder, University of Copenhagen. The study is carried out in collaboration with the University of Glasgow; University of Aberdeen; NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde; Research child and adolescent psychiatry, Odense, Region of Southern Denmark; Psychiatric Research Unit Region Zealand and Department of Clinical Medicine, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Copenhagen.

    My project is under the supervision of Susanne Harder, University of Copenhagen and co-supervised by Ulrik Haahr, MD, Early Psychosis Intervention in Roskilde.

    ID: 11226893