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Kristine Swierkosz Kristjansen

Kristine Swierkosz Kristjansen

Main interests: Tourette’s Syndrome, ADHD, OCD, Schizophrenia, genetic/endophenotypic research, cognitive and neuropsychological ability in mental disorders and translational research.

In my research I examine cognitive ability in children and adolescents diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome in a collaboration with Touretteklinikken at Herlev Hospital.

The cohort consist of around 200 patients aged 11-25 and around 50 healthy controls. The cohort is divided into subgroups based on occurrence of remission, co-morbidity and severity of tics.

The study mainly focuses on visual attention, impulse control (responds inhibition) and time processing along with a screening for premonitory urges/sensations and schizotypal personality traits.

In collaboration with Herlev Hospital we also look into executive function and Intelligence.

The project is under supervision of Anders Gade and Signe Vangkilde.

ID: 40109936