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Jeppe Høy Christensen

Jeppe Høy Christensen


Research fields

  • Visual perception and decision-making processes: experimental and psychophysical studies and mathematical modeling
  • Shaping of low-level visual feature encoding by top-down influences in a Bayesian framework
  • Investigating the association between visual attention, subjective confidence and performance when making perceptual decisions


Research group memberships

  • Department of Psychology: Center for Visual Cognition (University of Copenhagen)
  • Dynamical Systems Interdisciplinary Network (University of Copenhagen)
  • Department of Cognitive Science, VisionLab (Central European University)
  • Department of Neurophysiology, Rigshospitalet


Research: brief description

I am a Postdoc at the Department of Psychology: Center for Visual Cognition, supervised by Prof. Søren Kyllingsbæk and Prof. Claus Bundesen, and funded by the Dynamical Systems Interdisciplinary Network. My research focuses on the computational principles underlying visual perception, which I use a broad range of experimental and computational tools to investigate (e.g. psychophysics, EEG, ECG, mathematical modeling). I specifically focus on two main areas: 1) Using stochastic models (e.g. Poisson Counter model, Kyllingsbæk et al., 2012) to understand visual cognition and perception in a TVA model framework (Bundesen, Psychological Review 1990), and 2) Experimentally investigate in a Bayesian framework the effect that prior knowledge (i.e. “Perceptual priors/templates”) and meta-cognition (i.e. subjective confidence) have on perceptual abilities in a range of low-level tasks.

Beside this, I am responsible for data collection and data analysis in a project in which we record the brain activity of patients intra-cranially while probing their visual memory by a computerized test.

Outside of the Department of Psychology I collaborate with Department of Clinical Neurophysiology (RIgshospitalet) and researchers from the Cognition and Brain Science Unit (Cambridge University). My other main collaborators include MD, PhD Troels Kjær (Roskilde University Hospital) and Prof. Jozsef Fiser (Central European University, Budapest).

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Current research projects

  • Coding of local-elements features (e.g. orientation, position) in natural object perception
  • Extending a Poisson Counter model rooted in TVA to account for encoding effects (e.g. temporal summation, non-stationary stimulus representation) and multi-element displays
  • Investigating the nature and role of subjective confidence in perceptual decision-making


  • Statistics for 1st year Psychology students (one term)
  • Organized and taught 1/3 of a PhD course: “Statistical Model Building and Parameter Estimation with ADMB”

PhD thesis

Jeppe H. Christensen, 2015, Computational underpinnings of human visual perception and perceptual decision-making. University of Copenhagen, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Science

ID: 33913490