7th Nordic Conference - June 16-18, 2016


Helsingør, Denmark

A Nordic Perspective on the Cultural and the Activity Approach in Theory and Practice

The Nordic countries have a strong theoretical and practice tradition of cultural-historical approaches to investigating and/or intervening human practices and everyday life. These include early childhood learning and play, children’s school life and education, youth life, as well as work life and organization of processes.

The 7th Nordic conference provided a cross-disciplinary forum for exchanging ideas, exploring common interests, addressing various theoretical, practice-related, and societal issues, as well as for establishing new possibilities for collaboration among researchers and practitioners who share an interest in cultural-historical approaches.

Transformations of human life conditions (e.g. new technologies, new public management, or migration) create ongoing need for cultural-historical research and professional practices. Contributions from these perspectives are important for future societies as they both contribute with reflections on societal issues and with theoretical, methodological, and practical advancements

The conference invited those who work within such areas as research of education, human learning, development, new technologies, work practices and organizational transformations, health practice and social work to confront these issues.