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Paper Submission


Proposals for individual contributions and thematic sessions must be submitted by Friday, January 15, 2016.


For all proposals

  • Each conference participant can be a speaker for only one presentation (symposium, poster, or paper), but a participant can be coauthor on more than one presentation. A speaker can also be a discussant in the same or another session.
  • All accepted abstracts will be published in the conference Book of Abstracts. It will not be possible to submit revised abstracts; please edit your submission carefully.
  • Abstracts should be from 200-600 words long. References are not necessary, but we will accept an appropriate reference to your own work and/or to key theoretical sources that are not well-known, but are central to the work reported in the abstract.
  • As part of each abstract, please try to help the reader understand:
    • What will be presented?
    • What will the audience get from hearing the presentation?
    • To whom is the presentation particularly relevant?
    • What will the presentation contribute to the further development of our scientific tradition?
    • What are the main theoretical concepts/principles used in the presented work?
  • The program committee will decide which format will be used to present your contribution, but you are welcome to express a preference.

For individual contributions

Submit an abstract for what you would to present, following the general guidelines mentioned in the previous section.

The planned formats for individual contributions are:

  • individual paper presentation (20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes discussion)
  • interactive poster session (30 minutes to read five posters, followed by 60 minutes of open discussion led by a moderator.)
Submission of Paper or Poster

For symposium

A symposium can be 1.5 hours or 2 hours.

Proposals for symposium will be accepted only if they have a clear focus and good possibilities for a dynamic discussion.

In addition to the generel description, each presentation in a symposium should have an abstract. Follow the generel guidelines described for all proposals.

Submission of Symposium

Panel Discussion

To provide the opportunity for critical discussions of a vital theme or a current societal issue.

The committee welcomes suggestions for possible themes and participants.

Send suggestions to Louise Böttcher: