Inaugural lecture by Professor Jesper Dammeyer

Professor Jesper Dammeyer. Photo: Nils Meilvang
Professor Jesper Dammeyer. Photo: Nils Meilvang

On 1 September, 2023, Jesper Dammeyer was appointed Professor at the Department of Psychology. The department now invites you to his inaugural lecture.

Title: 'The senses and the mind: Linguistic, educational, and psychological studies on the myths of people who are deaf or deafblind.'

Abstract: The minds of people who are deaf or deafblind have been discussed since ancient times. How is a person who is deaf able to learn a language and how does a person who is deafblind think? From research over the past few decades, we have been able to come closer to an answer to some of these questions. Scientific studies have contributed to a better understanding of the links between sensory loss and language acquisition, risks of mental disorders, and identity formation.
Basic and applied research on the history and future of deaf and deafblind education, visual and tactile language development, and mental health promotion will be discussed.

Date: 9 February 2024 at 2 pm.

Venue: The Faculty Library, Auditorium 1, Gothersgade 140, 1353 Copenhagen K.


After the inaugural lecture, there will be a reception at the Department of Psychology, Øster Farimagsgade 2A, room 03.2.M202 (the canteen). All are welcome. 

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