MentorsThe Mentor Group

One of the best ways to get settled in Copenhagen and get acquainted with the complexity of student life at Copenhagen University is through a mentor.

Mentors are responsible for receiving their appointed mentees and making them feel comfortable during the first days or weeks of their stay in Copenhagen. This may include activities such as meeting the mentees in the airport, showing them to their new home, introducing them to the Department of Psychology etc.

Moreover, the mentors and mentees may arrange activities as a group, such as going out for dinner, attending the first student bar, or visiting a museum. Being part of the mentor group as a mentee is thus an excellent way of gaining knowledge about the academic and social life at the Department as well as making contacts with Danish and international students.

Mentors are appointed by the International Office at the University of Copenhagen, and all international students who are admitted to the University of Copenhagen will get a chance to sign up for a mentor. If you have not signed up for a mentor, but wish to do so, please contact the International Office at