The Killer RabbitSocial life and activities at Department of Psychology

The social activities are many at The Department of Psychology.

CSS' coffeeshops

  • Den tværfaglige/The Interdisciplinary: Café Kommunen at Kommunen in building 12.
  • Den psykologiske/The Psychological: Dræberkaninen/The Killer Rabbit in the basement of building 2.
  • Den antropologiske & sociologiske/The Antropological and Sociological: Morgencaféen/Morning coffeeshop in the Cathedral in building 16.
  • Den økonomiske/The Economic: Cafélitten in building 25 (by the exit towards the street 'Gammeltoftsgade')
  • Den folkesundhedsvidenskabelige/Public Health Science: Epicenteret on the ground floor of building 2.
  • Den statskundskabelige/Political Science: Caféen Jacques D in the basement of building 8.


Dræberkaninen or The Killer Rabbit as it is called in English is the Department of Psychology's café.


Department of Psychology's Friday's bar (twice per semester).


Kommunen is for all students at CSS and can be found on the ground floor of building 12 (below the clock). In the daytime, it hosts the student café Café Kommunen.

Other activities held at Kommunen include:

  • Torsdagsbaren - Department of Psychology's monthly Thursday's Bar (1st Thursday every month)
  • Fredagsbaren på CSS - The Faculty's Friday's Bar. Every Friday hosted by a different Department. All students are welcome.
  • Frontallapperne - The Frontal lobes host theme parties twice or three times per semester for psychology students and their guests.

Other activities

  • Psykkoret - Department of Psychology's choir
  • KØS - A beer society every Friday in Kommunen, where students may buy exclusive beers
  • Psykologi-revy - Every semester a revue is set up by Psychology students
  • Pavlovs Køtere - A (unisex) soccer team
  • Concentus - The Faculty Choir
  • SymfUni - The University Ochestra
  • Køkkenhaven - A vegetable garden, facebook "CSS Køkkenhaven".
  • Sociale arrangementer på CSS - Facebook group for events at the Faculty