Language guide

Danish is a difficult language especially when spoken. While most Danes are able to speak English, you will still find that much information is in Danish. In order for you to become acquainted with the most basic and needed terms in the daily life as a student at the Department of Psychology, we have gathered a few words and their translation.

Already as you begin to research courses and course plans you will meet the Danish words for weekdays and seasons:

Ugedag Weekday
Mandag Monday
Tirsdag Tuesday
Onsdag Wednesday
Torsdag Thursday
Fredag Friday
Lørdag Saturday
Søndag Sunday
Årstid Season
Forår Spring
Sommer Summer
Efterår Autumn
Vinter Winter

You will also run into a long list of study related words

Undervisning teaching, classes
Studieordning Curriculum/Study Programme

Course Catalogue

(actual term's courses, exams, ECTS)

BA BSc/Bachelor
KA Msc/Master
Forelæsning Lecture
Hold Seminar/group

Finally, you will come to know an extensive list of exam related words


Eksamensplan Exam plan/time table
Skriftlig(e) Written
Mundtlig(e) Oral
Eksamensopgaver Exam papers/assigments

Forms of exams

Lister Lists
Kandidatuddannelsen (KA) Master’s/post-graduate degree (MA)
Bacheloruddannelsen (BA) Bachelor’s/undergraduate degree (BA)
Lynprøver Mid-term exams
Re-eksamen Re-test

Should you meet any other study related words which have been difficult to understand, let us know.