Application for a PhD Scholarship / PhD position

Currently, there are two possibilities to get a PhD scholarship / PhD position at our Department:

Option 1

When researchers or research groups have funding for a new PhD scholarship/position, they will advertise here Such scholarships/positions can be announced throughout the year. Typically, the application deadlines are several weeks, so – as an interested student/graduate – you might want to check this website once a month. Some of the requirements for applying might differ between the different job calls, so please check the job ads carefully.

Option 2

In case you have your own funding, you can apply for enrollment only. The funding should cover the tuition fees (about EUR 10,000 per year) as well as your living expenses. From a legal perspective, the minimum amount needed to cover the living expenses is defined as the amount that PhD students enrolled in the 4+4 program receive during the first two years of their studies, when they receive a grant through the Danish State Education Grant and Loan Scheme. This amount is approximately DKK 146,780 or approximately EUR 19,640 per year plus salary for 140 work hours per year, which corresponds to approximately DKK 25,200 or EUR 3,400 per year. However, please note that this is the minimum amount, and that this amount refers to cover the living expenses of one person only.

In case you have your own funding, please search for a potential supervisor from our academic staff. If s/he agrees to supervise you, please contact the Head of our PhD program (Associate Professor Séamus Power).

Generally, thank you very much for considering conducting your PhD at our Department.