The Organization of the PhD Programme

The PhD programme adheres to rules and guidelines ranging from the general international rules to the more specific departmental regulations.

The Faculty of Social Sciences has established a graduate school wherein all the faculty's PhD. programmes are represented. More information about the graduate school is at:

The head of the graduate school is also chairman of the PhD committee. The PhD committee decides on the general guidelines for the PhD programme at the faculty.

The PhD committee consists of the chairman and the faculty's five subjects represented by one of the academic staff and one PhD student. The academic staff is elective for a three-year period and the PhD student is elected for one year period.

The academic staff representative is called a PhD programme leader because each subject has their own specialized programmes as explained in the Regulations for the PhD Programme in Psychology.

An advisory PhD programme committee has been set up at the Department of Psychology, consisting of an elected programme leader and an elected PhD student as well as two academic staff representatives selected by their respective institute leaders and two PhD students selected by the PhD students. More information about the PhD programme committee is at: - in Danish.