BRATlab – University of Copenhagen


Brain Rehabilitation, Advanced Technology and Learning lab  (BRATLab) is a research unit within the field of cognitive neuroscience at the Department of Psychology (DoP), University of Copenhagen. The primary research areas of BRATLab are experience-based brain plasticity and how to stimulate cognitive improvement or repair through the use of advanced human-computer interaction. Neurotraining, the harnessing of the plastic mechanisms through tailored training, is a major area of research. Another is neurotechnology which investigates how to achieve and improve generalized effects of cognitive training.

Technological brain training research requires the collaboration between researchers and professionals from a variety of fields. BRATLab offers the structure and facilities to carry out basic as well as clinical research with the ultimate purpose of promoting further understanding of the processes and mechanisms of skills learning in general and cognitive rehabilitation in particular.

BRATLab also functions as a point of contact for private enterprises which wish to collaborate with researchers at DoP on projects regarding design, development and effect of cognitive training systems and supportive technology.

Examples of current projects and areas of interest:

  • Dynamic Assessment. The use of artificial intelligence and advanced interaction technology in diagnosing cognitive impact of brain injury as input to planning of training.
  • The effect of intensive computer gaming on basic elements of visual attention.
  • Cognition in biological and artificial systems (robotics). Modelling cognitive learning and planning in biological and artificial systems.
  • Patient profiling and customization of training of attention training (in patients suffering neglect).
  • Training in virtual reality. How to achieve a lasting and generalized effect of cognitive training in patients with attentional deficits (e.g. ADHD, neglect, PTSD, commotio)
  • Implicit learning. The mechanisms of immediate action feedback in relation to training and rehabilitation. How feedback may impact the experience-based plastic mechanisms of the brain.


BRATLab has been founded by Professor Jesper Mogensen at the Department of Psychology at the University of Copenhagen and is part of the research centre ReCBIR (Research Centre for Brain Injury Rehabilitation). Postdoc Inge Wilms Ph.D. is responsible for the daily contact and management of BRATLab activities (