CCAP – University of Copenhagen

Centre for Anxiety (CfA)

Centre for Anxiety is a treatment and research project regarding anxiety disorders in childhood. The project consists of clinical and experimental research. The aim of the project is to provide new theoretical and empirical knowledge regarding anxiety disorders in childhood. A number of factors characterizing the child and the family are studied empirically in order to identify the development and maintenance of anxiety in childhood. Furthermore the effect of anxiety treatment is assessed through various forms of cognitive therapy.


  • Barbara Hoff Esbjørn, professor wsr, ph.d., manager
  • Marie Louise Reinholdt-Dunne, assistant professor, ph.d., co-manager
  • Monika Walczak, ph.d. student, Msc. Psychology
  • Sonja Breinholst, ph.d. student , Msc. Psychology
  • Nicoline Normann, Msc. Psychology.
  • Bianca Munkebo Christiansen, Msc. Psychology.
  • Helle Dittmann, social educator
  • Heidi Riiber, secretary

Furthermore there are a group of psychology students at the Center for Anxiety.