Centre for Psychotherapy Research

Contact/coordinator: Associate professor Stig Poulsen

The Centre for Psychotherapy develops and carries out research in the field of psychotherapy at the Department of Psychology as well as in collaboration with a range of external treatment centres and official bodies. Our research focuses on central questions regarding psychotherapy, including treatment process and outcome, assessment, and clinical supervision. The Centre also contributes to the development and training in research methods and emphasizes dissemination of research-based knowledge in the area. Our research is typically based on a developmental psychopathology perspective and focuses on specific psychopathological conditions, such as for instance eating disorders, borderline personality disorder or schizophrenia. The continued efforts towards developing new projects takes place in collaboration with other groups at the Department of Psychology as well as national and international research groups and institutions.

Specifically the Centre for Psychotherapy Research aims to:

  • Examine the effectiveness of different psychotherapeutic methods
  • Examine psychotherapeutic processes in order to understand the association between process and outcome, including the importance of client and therapist variables
  • Develop and acquire competence in research methods for the study of psychotherapy process and outcome
  • Examine specific psychopathological conditions through case studies and studies of the client-therapist interaction
  • Study clinical supervision and the professional development of psychologists
  • Integrate theoretical and clinical knowledge on different kinds of psychopathology with empirical developmental psychology and psychotherapy research in order to understand treatment outcomes and develop new models of treatment
  • Stimulate and constitute an organizational framework for the development of research projects, including PhD projects
  • Disseminate knowledge on psychotherapy research and the process and outcome of different treatment methods in relation to different kinds of psychological conditions
  • Teach clinical psychologists, aiming to stimulate psychotherapy research in the context of public and private treatment centres

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