StarrLab: Neuropsychology, reading, and face recognition

StarrLab is a research group working on neuropsychological aspects of visual recognition, with a focus on reading and face recognition. We conduct experimental and brain imaging studies of the effects of brain injury and neurodevelopmental disorders on cognition, and experimental studies with neurotypical participants.

StarrLab is led by Professor Randi Starrfelt.

Image of brain scansOur aim is to understand how visual recognition is organized in the brain, by studying participants in whom these processes have in some way broken down, in particular patients with aquired reading disorders (alexia) and people with prosopagnosia (‘face blindness’). We work with researchers from different fields both in Denmark and internationally.




















































































Internal researchers

Name Title Phone E-mail
Randi Starrfelt Professor +45 35 32 48 86
Ro Robotham Assistant professor +45 35 33 18 67
Katrine Sand Andersen PhD student
Cathrine L. Thorsen Intern

External researchers

Name Title University
Christina D. Kühn PhD student  University of Southern Denmark  
Grace E. Rice Postdoc University of Cambridge


Randi StarrfeltRandi Starrfelt
Phone +45 35 32 48 86