CInCoN – Centre for Integrative Cognitive Neuroscience

Contact/coordinator: Professor Jesper Mogensen

The common research areas of CInCoN are neural and cognitive organization, reorganization as well as neural and cognitive plasticity.

CInCoN includes:

  • UCN (the Unit for Cognitive Neuroscience) – specialized in animal model based basic and translational research in cognitive neuroscience
  • BRATLab (Brain Rehabilitation, Advanced Technology and Learning Laboratory) specialized in the utilization of advanced man-machine-interactions in the context of promoting cognitive plasticity
  • The research activities of Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury – specialized in clinical studies regarding rehabilitation of brain injury

CInCoN also includes individually organized projects in which fMRI and related techniques are utilized in order to investigate for instance:

  • Neural and cognitive reorganizations related to various types of training
  • Neural and cognitive organization in groups characterized by specific education or pathological conditions

CInCoN primarily focuses on:

  • Basic research within the areas of interest
  • The development of therapeutic methods within for instance rehabilitation after brain injury (including pharmacological and activation-/training-based methods)
  • The development of cognitively promoting (and potentially dementia-preventing) techniques – including activation-/training-based methods
  • Mapping of functional contributions of brain structures to various types of cognitive tasks

CInCoN utilizes a broad spectrum of techniques: from animal models to clinical studies – from molecular research to the development of clinically useful methods. This broad and integrated effort constitutes the backbone of research programs which provide both a theoretical/model-building and practical/clinically and commercially oriented understanding of the neural and cognitive plasticity – including neurorehabilitation.

CInCoN is one of the three primary units of the University of Copenhagen ”Interdisciplinary Programme of Excellence” PROGRAM.

CInCoN is part of the University of Copenhagen ”Programme of Excellence” GluTarget.

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