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Within all parts of the education, CInCoN especially contributes specialized competences within the following areas:

  • Neural and cognitive plasticity (including learning, problem solving, memory and executive functions as well as their neural substrate)
  • Rehabilitation after brain injury (with special focus on cognitive rehabilitation)
  • Man-machine-interactions and the utilization of advanced technology-based methods within cognitive training and rehabilitation after brain injury
  • ”Outreach”-oriented teaching – including teaching specifically oriented towards collaboration with and potentially employment within commercial areas (e.g. the electronic and pharmaceutic industries)

On the bachelor programme

  • Biological Psychology and Neuropsychology
  • Cognitive Psychology
  • Work and Organizational Psychology
  • Contributions within the above-mentioned special areas of expertise within all other topics of the education
  • Elective courses within the above-mentioned areas of special competences

On the master programme

  • Neuropsychology
  • Work and Organizational Psychology
  • Courses with special focus on neurorehabilitation
  • Elective courses within the above-mentioned areas of special competences.