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Væver, M.S., Harder, S., Køppe, S., Hansen, G.F. & Delafield-Butt, J (2010). ”Vokal og motorisk co-regulering i tidlige mor-barn interaktion: En præsentation af forskningen ved Københavns Universitets Babylab. Psyke & Logos, vol 31, pp. 736-766.

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Væver, MS., Krogh, M., Smith-Nielsen, J., Harder, S. & Køppe, S (2013):  Measuring Spatial Proximity in Mother-infant Interaction: A Kinematic Approach for an Examination of the effects of maternal postpartum depression. Infant Behavior and Development, Volume 36, Issue 3, pp427–431

Væver, MS., Beebe, B., Tronick, E., Kirk, O., Snidman, N., Harder, S. (in review): Mother and Infant in relational space: An automated approach for the measurement of infant head orientation.

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Harder S, Lange, T, Rasmussen GF, Væver M.S,  Køppe S, Development in vocal mother-infant interaction from 4-10 months (submitted)

Harder S, Dyrholm, M, , Væver M.S,  Køppe S, Development in vocal-motor coordination in infants during early mother-infant interaction (in submission .

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Krogh, M.T.,Væver, M.S., Harder, S. & Køppe, S (2012): Cultural differences in infant development during the first year: A study of Danish infants assessed by the Bayley-III and compared to the American norms. European Journal of Developmental Psychology, vol.9, pp.730-736

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