Centre for Psychological Cross-disciplinary and Applied Research – Department of Psychology - University of Copenhagen

Centre for Psychological Cross-disciplinary and Applied Research

PCARE is a group of researchers with a common interest in psychological research which brings together different disciplines in psychology. The research projects has an emphasis on applied and empirical aspects, not excluding clinical or basic research.

Research takes place within or across six research areas:

  • Health Psychology covers a number of empirical studies including critical and humanistic health studies.
  • Disability Psychology. Empirical studies on disability (mainly sensory and communication disorders) and theoretical models of disability are carried out.
  • Personality and Life Outcomes links personality characteristics (mostly basic personality traits), often in interaction with situational or context factors, to different life outcomes such as educational outcomes (e.g., achievement), societal outcomes (e.g., cooperation), or work-related outcomes (e.g., job performance).
  • PsychMeasure is focused on collaborative research in the interrelated fields of psychometrics and higher education psychology as well as health related areas of psychology, where psychological measurement scales/tests are used, in order to enhance the use of high quality measurement scales and tests in psychological and other research and practice.
  • Developmental Psychology. Using cohort and population studies different aspect of child development and well-being are studied among other drinking during pregnancy, emotional regulation, and early childhood disabilities. An interdisciplinary approach between clinical studies, medical, and public health are celebrated.
  • Higher Education Psychology Research Higher education processes and outcomes, and student well-being in higher education.



  • Personality Psychology (BA), together with Centre for Humanistic Psychology
  • Educational Psychology (BA)
  • Psychological Testning (MA)
  • Community and Health Psychology (MA)

Contributes to:

  • Clinical psychology (BA and MA)
  • Developmental psychology (BA and MA)
  • Work and Organizational Psychology (MA)

For students:

PCARE invites students to participate in research projects: Master project students, elective courses in research, research internship (praktik), or volunteer participation in research projects. PCARE has a number of work-stations for students. As a student you are welcome to take full part in research projects. If you are interested write an email to the contact person for the relevant research area.