Center for Person, Practice, Development and Culture

Contact/coordinator: Dr. Jytte Bang

The research field Person, Practice, Development and Culture investigate human learning and development that occurs in and through participation in social situations in institutional practices, such as family, daycare, school and afterschool arrangements. The research is oriented toward the persons’ perspective in the form of motive orientation and meaning formation as well as the individual persons’ development of competences and contribution to the practice.

The research is grounded in the conception that development of individual competence and possibility for action arises in the interaction between the motive orientation of the individual and the demands in the daily activities. Culture is located in daily activities and is conceptualized as the relation that combines the societal traditions with local practice in institutions and its social settings.

Specific research projects investigate how the societal conditions influence the possibilities that children, young person get for participation in institutional practice and for developing their motives, competences and action possibilities.

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