Work and organizational psychology – University of Copenhagen

Within the Work and Organizational Psychology research group we are concerned with the relations between individuals, work and organizations, including the development of people, groups, companies and organizations.

Our primary focus is within the two fields of:

  • Psychosocial  work-environment, focusing on social relations, bullying, violence, mental health, presenteeism, prevention of occupational injury & workers’ compensation system.
  • Organizational Psychology, focusing on leadership behavior, organizational culture, development, innovation processes & organizational change.

Our group is internationally recognized for its interdisciplinary research focusing on negative social relations at work, leadership and stress, among others. We cooperate with researchers from different national and international networks and universities.  Our research is primarily financed by external grants. Some of our current grants have been donated by the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA), Innovation Fund Denmark, the Ministry of Defense & the Danish Council for Independent Research, among others.

Our research methods include cohort-studies and other quantitative techniques such as diary-studies and experiments. We also use qualitative methods such as interviews, focus-groups, ethnographical research and mixed-method approaches.

Our research group has established a network of interested parties within both practical and research-related work & organizational psychology.

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Contact: Professor Annie Høgh