The leadership at the Department of Psychology.

Name Title Research keywords
Vibeke Jenny Koushede Head of Department, Professor Public mental health, mental health promotion, wellbeing, intervention research, cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral partnerships Vibeke Koushede. Foto: Nils Meilvang
Signe Allerup Vangkilde Head of Studies at Psychology, Deputy Head of Department, Professor Visual perception and attention, cognition in neurodevelopmental disorders (ADHD, OCD, Tourette) and clinical disorders (anxiety, depression) Signe Vangkilde. Photo: Nils Meilvang
Thomas Morton Deputy Head of Department, Professor Self and social identity, social change, prejudice and discrimination, Environmental Psychology Thomas Morton
Thor Grünbaum Head of Studies at  Cognitive Data Science, Associate Professor Philosophy of science, philosophy of psychology and cognitive science, consciousness, prospective memory, motor control Thor Grünbaum

Heads of section

The heads of the three research sections at the Department of Psychology.

Name Title Section
Stig Poulsen Head of section, professor Clinical, Health, and Humanistic Psychology Stig Poulsen. Photo: RODE IMAGES / Joachim Rode
Thomas Habekost Head of section, professor Cognition and Neuropsychology Thomas Habekost. Photo: Nils Meilvang
Ingo Zettler Head of section, professor Personality Psychology, Educational Psychology, Work and Organizational Psychology, and Social Psychology (PEWOS) Ingo Zettler. Photo: lichtblick-bonn.de