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Emancipation in Exile

Gretty Mirdal and Nermin Abadan-Unat have edited the book "Emancipation in Exile: Perspectives on the Empowerment of Migrant Women". The book describes the processes of emancipation and the pathways to empowerment of women who thought they were leaving temporarily but ended up spending their lives in exile. The book is published at İstanbul Bilgi University Press.

Read more here (pdf).

DFF-starting grant to Randi Starrfelt

Associate professor Randi Starrfelt from Department of Psychology, has been awarded a Sapere Aude starting grant from the Danish Council for Independent research to the project “The Back of the Brain (BoB: perceptual processes in reading and recognition”. The project will investigate how we recognize faces, objects and written words, and how these processes can be affected by injury to the brain.