Grieving for Ukraine while living in Denmark

Ukrainian refugees. Photo: Flickr
Ukrainian refugees. Photo: Flickr

What is life like for Ukrainians in Denmark two years after fleeing the war in their homeland?

It is exactly two years since Russia invaded Ukraine. The war is still raging, and while other events vie for the world’s attention, the war continues unabated for those in the thick of it – and for those following from a distance in exile.

Come to an event about displaced Ukrainians in Denmark who, from afar, can see their country being subjected to constant bombardment and attack while at the same time trying to adjust to life here.

With presentations by researchers in the fields of political science, public health, ethnography and psychology, we will learn more about the status of the war, how it continues to affect those Ukrainians who have fled to Denmark, and what life is like when you live in Denmark but your heart is in Ukraine.

Moderator: Adam Holm


  • Kristian Søby Kristensen, Head of Centre, Senior Researcher, PhD, Centre for Military Studies, Department of Political Science
  • Zachary Whyte, Associate Professor, Centre for Advanced Migration Studies, The Saxo Institute
  • Marie-Louise Nørredam, Professor & Marie Marti Castaner, Assistant Professor, Danish Research Centre for Migration, Ethnicity and Health, Department of Public Health
  • Karen-Inge Karstoft, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology


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