The Department of Psychology has a strong commitment to basic and applied research, and has organized research in research centers with associated post graduate student and post docs.

Research at the Department of Psychology is of high international and ethical standards – and is characterized by a fundamental curiosity to unravel the nature of psychological phenomena. Further, the research takes advantage of a strong synergistic interaction between basic and applied psychological research, as well as interdisciplinary research.

The Department of Psychology is internationally oriented and characterized by strong and elaborate collaboration with other internationally leading research departments as well as working in partnerships with public and private institutions and organizations in Denmark.

Research organization

The organization of research is of critical importance in determining the productivity and quality of both research and education at the department. In particular, the research groups are pivotal due to their impact on such issues as the generation of research ideas, flexibility in the organization and development of teaching, external funding, talent development, training, supervision, and the quality of the general work environment.


  • The research groups shall function as effective collaborative work communities and solve common tasks within research, teaching, and external relations.
  • Each research group shall have a sufficient size with a minimum of three faculty members as well as a member of PhD-students and Post-Doctoral fellows.
  • At leas two of four of the research groups shall be internationally leading within their respective research fields.
  • The research groups shall provide effective supervision and talent development of assistant professors, Post-Doctoral fellows, PhD students, and students.
  • The research groups shall attract substantial external funding to continue and expand the positive track record of the department in the last 5-10 years.
  • The research groups will be organized into three or four main areas, each including both basic and applied research, and which are responsible for the major areas of the education.

Societal outreach

To increase the impact of research from the Department of Psychology it is essential for the department to actively collaborate with partners outside the university in the private and public sectors. This is also a key to achieving more external funding for the actitivies at the department. In addition, dissemination of the research findings to the general public is essential.


  • Foundation of a public policy network for psychological health and well-being including partners from the hospital sector, treatment centers, government and NGOs
  • Establishment of a network of Work and Organizational Psychology for faculty, Post-Doctoral fellows and PhD-students, Master's students and partners from the private consultant sector and HR departments.
  • A strong and prominent place in the public media coverage of psychological issues.

Read more about our research in the Department Strategy.