21 June 2024

Experienced leader to head the Department of Psychology


Future Professor of Consumer Psychology Annemarie Olsen will head the Department of Psychology over the coming years.

Annemarie Olsen
Annemarie Olsen to head the Department of Psychology

When Vibeke Koushede took over as Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences in May, a new head of the Department of Psychology had to be found. Based on the recommendation committee's assessments, Vibeke Koushede has appointed Annemarie Olsen as the new head of department.

Annemarie Olsen is looking forward to working at Psychology – a subject area that, according to Annemarie Olsen, can provide solutions to a range of societal challenges.

"It is with a great commitment that I take on this position – but also a high degree of humility. I am very eager to get to know the department's staff and students," she says.

Annemarie Olsen will place great emphasis on facilitating collaboration both internally and externally.

"It is therefore important for me to quickly familiarise myself with the department's many different disciplines, practices and history," she emphasises.

Good leadership is key

As a researcher, Annemarie Olsen has worked for many years with behavioural psychology and consumer behaviour in relation to health promotion and green transition.

"At the same time, I have taken on more and more leadership responsibilities as Head of Studies, Deputy Head of Department and Head of Section. The combination of academic interest and leadership experience gave me the desire and courage to apply for the position as Head of Department of Psychology - I'm passionate about good leadership," she explains.

Dean Vibeke Koushede, who is the sponsor for well-being, communities and good leadership in connection with the University of Copenhagen's 2030 strategy, mentions strong leadership skills as a crucial prerequisite for creating both good results and a good study and work environment.

"In Annemarie, we get an empathetic and experienced university leader with more than ten years of experience in education and research management from UCPH. Annemarie has extensive experience in change management, and she comes with a well-founded leadership toolbox," says Vibeke Koushede.

She also emphasises that Annemarie Olsen brings an interdisciplinary profile and a strong network.

"As a researcher, Annemarie combines behavioural psychology, sustainability and health promotion. She has a strong network, both nationally and internationally – with researchers, practitioners, municipalities, educational institutions, government agencies, hospitals and a number of industry partners," says Vibeke Koushede.

Focus on well-being in a time of change

The new head of department expects three challenges to be dominant in the coming years:

"The administration reform will result in a number of imminent changes that must be implemented in the best possible way. The graduate reform and the principles of lifelong learning will also require several educational programmes to be rethought. Finally, the move to South Campus will keep us busy," she says.

To begin with, Annemarie Olsen will focus on strengthening collaboration, well-being, as well as study and work satisfaction at the Department of Psychology.

"These are three key areas for me – and supporting these in a time of change will definitely be one of my first main tasks," she emphasises.

On a strategic level, Annemarie Olsen also has several ideas and visions.

"But I certainly don't come with a finalised roadmap. On the contrary, I look forward to getting to know the department – and the faculty – well and setting the direction together."

Briefly about the Head of Department

Annemarie Olsen holds an MSc in Biology and Sport & Exercise Science from the University of Copenhagen and University of Southern Denmark, specialised in psychophysiology (focus on work environment, stress and sleep quality), 2007.

  • Subsequently, she completed a PhD in Sensory Science and Consumer Behaviour at the University of Copenhagen (focus on eating behaviour, health promotion and change of habits), 2011.
  • Finally, Annemarie Olsen holds an MBA from Henley Business School, Reading University (focus on university leadership), 2022.
  • As a researcher, she has worked as an Associate Professor in consumer behaviour at the Department of Food Science, SCIENCE since 2014.
  • Alongside this, she has held several leadership positions at the department: Head of Studies for Food Innovation and Health, Head of Section for Design and Consumer Behaviour, and Deputy Head of Department. She has also been Union Representative for a number of years.


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