Clinical, Health, and Humanistic Psychology

The researchers in this section work on a range of topics from different theoretical positions, including psychoanalysis, developmental theory, and phenomenology. 

The topics are connected to the development, prevention, and intervention towards psychopathology, including how humans develop across the lifespan, how mental and physical illness affects the individual and his/her relations with others (including parents, school, friends, etc.) and vice versa. Current focal topics include basic and treatment research within the areas of infants, toddlers, children, adolescents and adults. Specific topics include development and examinations of assessment methods, psychotherapeutic treatment methods, supervision processes, trauma and sexual abuse of children, trauma, diabetes, disabilities, eating disorders, personality disorders, psychoses, anxiety and depression. 

The section also works to emphasize and disseminate an approach to psychology based on the principles of the humanities. This leads to a focus on humanistic topics such as aesthetics, history, philosophy, and philosophy of science, resulting in a field of interest that focuses on general psychological understandings of the subject; its occurrence and development understood as a synthesis of biological, psychological, and societal elements.

Our research spans multiple methodological perspectives, including qualitative and quantitative research in laboratory and field settings, as well case studies, interviews, and observation studies etc.  

Head of section: Professor Stig Poulsen.

Research groups within the section