Social, Cultural, Organisational, Personality and Educational Psychology (SCOPE)

SCOPE. Photo: Katrine Biune

SCOPE stands for Social, Cultural, Organisational, Personality and Educational Psychology. The researchers in SCOPE work on a range of topics connected to how individuals think, feel, act, and connect, across a range of social systems and settings (e.g., family, schools, organizations and workplaces, cultures, communities, and society). Current focal topics include: economic decision-making and ethical behaviour, environmental psychology, climate change and sustainability, learning, instructional design and evaluation, life transitions and organisational change. As well as marginalisation and devaluation, multiculturalism and morality, occupational health psychology, personality and individual differences, recruitment and leadership, self and social identity, and inequality and crowd psychology. 

Our research within SCOPE is both theoretical and applied, and spans multiple methodological perspectives, across qualitative and quantitative research in laboratory and field settings, as well as the use of new technologies (e.g., artificial intelligence and virtual reality), digital applications, and traditional ethnographic methods. 

Head of section: Professor Guido Makransky.

Research groups within the section