PhD students

PhD students at the Department of Psychology.

Name Title Job responsibilities Image
Alberte Cathrine Ehrhardt Jeppesen PhD Student Billede af Alberte Cathrine Ehrhardt Jeppesen
Anders Bock Kjærgaard PhD Student Development, adaptation and evaluation of a military mental training program that can improve task performance and help prevent stress Billede af Anders Bock Kjærgaard
Andreas Elleby Jespersen PhD Student Cognitive impairment in neuropsychiatric disorders, cognitive remediation, virtual reality, depression, bipolar disorder Billede af Andreas Elleby Jespersen
Anette Tybjerg-Jeppesen PhD Student Perceptions on age and ageing including ageism in Danish society and in the workplace, the influence of intergenerational relations on ageism Billede af Anette Tybjerg-Jeppesen
Anna Louise Zheng Malfilâtre PhD Student Cultural psychology, qualitative methods, morality, meaning-making, brutal honesty Billede af Anna Louise Zheng Malfilâtre
Anne Marie Hastrup Kristensen PhD Student Cognitive control, executive function, intervention, academic and social well-being, school children, digital literacy, digital and social media use Billede af Anne Marie Hastrup Kristensen
Astrid Krabbe-Juelsbo Galsgaard PhD Student Psychological implications of AI in diagnostic decision-making in healthcare, human agency in Human-AI-interaction, professional identity Billede af Astrid Krabbe-Juelsbo Galsgaard
Bao-Thi Van Cong PhD Student Intergroup relations, social change, solidarity, mixed methods Billede af Bao-Thi Van Cong
Celia Faye Jacobsen PhD Student Psychotherapy research, therapeutic responsiveness and individualized therapy, attachment patterns and therapeutic preferences as client factors Billede af Celia Faye Jacobsen
Dawa Dupont PhD Student Cognition, cognitive control, prospective memory, arousal, EEG, eye tracking Billede af Dawa Dupont
Emilie Hestbæk PhD Student Parents with mental disorders, psychiatry, early preventive interventions, personality disorders, emotional cognition, mentalization-based treatment Billede af Emilie Hestbæk
Emilie N Birkebæk Poulsen PhD Student Neuropsychology, neurodegenerative diseases, cognitive deficits, social cognition, memory Billede af Emilie N Birkebæk Poulsen
Erik Skjoldan Mortensen PhD Student Motor control, skill learning, perception, sensory redirection, EEG, EMG, TMS, VR, eye tracking Billede af Erik Skjoldan Mortensen
Erling Nørkær PhD Student Neuropsychology, phenomenological psychology, face blindness, qualitative methods, statistics Billede af Erling Nørkær
Eya-Mist Rødgaard PhD Student Cognition, psychiatry, developmental conditions, sampling bias Billede af Eya-Mist Rødgaard
Fatime Zeka PhD Student Virtual reality, eye-tracking, social anxiety disorder (SAD), gaze behavior, attentional bias, differential diagnosis, objective screening tool Billede af Fatime Zeka
Franziska Oren PhD Student Prospective memory, intentions, task switching, multitasking, cognitive control, experimental psychology, cognitive modelling Billede af Franziska Oren
Frederik Weischer Frandsen PhD Student Psychotherapy, process research, mentalization, attachment, attachment related behavior, therapist factors, personality disorders Billede af Frederik Weischer Frandsen
Ida Emilia Backman PhD Student Compassion, sport psychology, elite athletes, quantitative methods, qualitative methods Billede af Ida Emilia Backman
Johanna Mariegaard PhD Student Altitude-like hypoxia training, neuroplasticity, cognition, Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, neuroimaging, affective disorders, intervention studies Billede af Johanna Mariegaard
Johannes Andresen PhD Student Cognitive remediation, neurocognition, social cognition, virtual reality (VR), digital interventions, autism, psychosis Billede af Johannes Andresen
Julie Elisabeth Warberg Mohr PhD Student Family mealtime, socio-emotional development, parenting, parent-child interaction Billede af Julie Elisabeth Warberg Mohr
Julie Enkebølle Hansen PhD Student Infant socio-emotional development, infant quality of life, parent-infant interactions, cerebral palsy, perinatal mental health Billede af Julie Enkebølle Hansen
Julie Ertman Nørkær Lundsgaard PhD Student Cognitive Psychology, memory control, attention control, emotion regulation, OCD, think/no-think paradigm, theory of visual attention Billede af Julie Ertman Nørkær Lundsgaard
Karoline Holm Elkjær Rasmussen PhD Student Billede af Karoline Holm Elkjær Rasmussen
Katrine Sand Andersen PhD Student Neuropsychology, brain injury, cerebral palsy, visual perception, cognitive functions Billede af Katrine Sand Andersen
Kristina Ballestad Gundersen PhD Student Clinical, cognitive & biological markers of psychosis development in antipsychotic-naïve patients, psychosis prediction, risk for psychosis Billede af Kristina Ballestad Gundersen
Maud Eline Ottenheijm PhD Student Cognitive neuroscience, motor control, attention, TMS, EEG Billede af Maud Eline Ottenheijm
Nanna Hasle Bak Skytte PhD Student Psychological testing, psychometrics, personality, dark traits, dishonesty, unethical pro-organizational behavior, intelligence, team, management Billede af Nanna Hasle Bak Skytte
Nina Kappel Hansen PhD Student Billede af Nina Kappel Hansen
Nina Marie Lassen PhD Student Parents and children, attachment, early intervention, parental interventions, socio-emotional development, qualitative methods Billede af Nina Marie Lassen
Rachele Mazzini PhD Student Social Psychology, close relationships, culture, dishonesty, personality, society, behavioural science Billede af Rachele Mazzini
Sema Kardas PhD Student Special education, disability, autism spectrum disorder, gerontology Billede af Sema Kardas
Sidsel Høgsgaard Andersen PhD Student Psilocybin, music, serotonin, healthy individuals Billede af Sidsel Høgsgaard Andersen
Signe Sofie Nielsen PhD Student Children of parents with mental illness, prevention, family-based interventions, early intervention, psychiatry Billede af Signe Sofie Nielsen
Svend Heini Winther Johnsen PhD Student Billede af Svend Heini Winther Johnsen
Søren Christian Bech PhD Student Military, physiology, genetics, performance, personality profiles, stress, training, breathing, changes in personality due to stress Billede af Søren Christian Bech
Søren Kit Bothe PhD Student Cognitive difficulties in traumatized refugees, Psychotraumatology, Neuropsychology, cross-cultural testing Billede af Søren Kit Bothe
Taufik Akbar Rizqi Yunanto PhD Student Quality of life, people living with HIV, Cross-cultural Psychology, HIV prevention, high-risk sexual behaviour, health and mental health literacy Billede af Taufik Akbar Rizqi Yunanto
Tina Wahl Haase PhD Student Emotion regulation in toddlerhood, daycare, daycare provider-child relationship, attachment, socio-emotional development, measure development Billede af Tina Wahl Haase
Ulrik Nykjær Jeppesen PhD Student Schizophrenia spectrum disorders, delusions, paranoid ideations, cognitive behavioral therapy, VR exposure therapy, randomised clinical trial Billede af Ulrik Nykjær Jeppesen
Viktoria Damgaard PhD Student Cognition, neuroplasticity, simulated altitude training, Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, neuroimaging, affective disorders, intervention studies Billede af Viktoria Damgaard
pbc756 pbc756 PhD Student Psychology of language, asynchronous communication, behaviour change Billede af pbc756 pbc756