Academic staff

Members of the academic staff at the Department of Psychology.

Name Title Job responsibilities Phone E-mail
Adéla Plechatá Postdoc   E-mail
Anders Petersen Associate Professor Visual attention, memory, mathematical modeling, eye tracking, pupillometry, EEG +4535324884 E-mail
Andrea Joe Svennevig Hyldig Research Assistant +4535330065 E-mail
Ann-Louise Holten Associate Professor Work & Organizational Psychology, leadership & leadership development, organizational change & interventions, entrepreneurship & startups +4535324895 E-mail
Anne Marie Hastrup Kristensen Research Assistant Research Assistant in the On Track Project +4550593525 E-mail
Anne Ranning Assistant Professor +4535327747 E-mail
Charlotte Bjerre Meilstrup Postdoc ABCs of mental health, mental health promotion, well-being, partnerships, interventions, children/adolescents, bridging between research and practice +4535322067 E-mail
Clara Christensen Vieira Research Assistant Research Assistant in the Copenhagen Daycare Project +4535323956 E-mail
Crystal Marie Shackleford Postdoc +4552639236 E-mail
Dea Siggaard Stenbæk Associate Professor +4535335708 E-mail
Dimitrios Askitis Research Assistant   E-mail
Dora Kampis Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Social cognition, early childhood cognition, social and cognitive development, developmental cognitive neuroimaging +4535333985 E-mail
Emanuela Yeung Postdoc Developmental psychology, infancy, cognitive development, social understanding, eye-tracking, pupillometry, EEG   E-mail
Frederik M Bjerregaard-Nielsen Research Assistant Phenomenology, Merleau-Ponty, aesthetic experience, theory and history of science, hermeneutics, deconstruction, Nietzsche   E-mail
Frej Sørensen Research Assistant Research Assistant in the Next Gen Project +4535335473 E-mail
Guido Makransky Associate Professor Educational Psychology, virtual reality, technology enhanced learning, behavioral change interventions, Environmental Psychology +4535326276 E-mail
Hana Malá Rytter Associate Professor Concussion, acquired brain injury, neuroplasticity, neurorehabilitation, Neuropsychology, Cognitive Psychology +4535324875 E-mail
Helle Duplessy Academic Staff Research Assistant/Lab Manager in Centre for Early Childhood Cognition +4535333391 E-mail
Ida Egmose Pedersen Postdoc   E-mail
Irene Lundkvist-Houndoumadi Psychologist Psychologist in Center for Anxiety +4535325591 E-mail
Jan Nielsen Associate Professor Clinical psychology, psychopathology, psychotherapy, group therapy, psychoanalysis, therapist factors, supervision, professional development, ethics +4535324925 E-mail
Jesper Dammeyer Associate Professor Developmental Psychology, Health Psychology, Personality and Social Psychology, Educational Psychology +4535324868 E-mail
Jesper Mogensen Professor Brain injury, rehabilitation, neuroplasticity, memory, learning, schizophrenia, Alzheimer's +4535324873 E-mail
Jochen Eberhard Gebauer Professor +4535324800 E-mail
Johanne Smith-Nielsen Associate Professor +4535324944 E-mail
Julie Enkebølle Hansen PhD Fellow +4535324336 E-mail
Kamilla Miskowiak Professor Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, mood disorders, cognitive function, interventions, randomised controlled trials, prevention, neuroimaging, biomarkers +4535336608 E-mail
Karen-Inge Karstoft Associate professor, Head of Study Board Trauma, resilience, psychometrics, prediction, epidemiology +4535335050 E-mail
Katrine Egede Zeuthen Associate Professor Psychoanalytic theory and practice, theory and history of science, child sexuality, sexual abuse and trauma, prevention, assessment and treatment +4535324923 E-mail
Katrine Isabella Wendelboe Postdoc +4535334658 E-mail
Katrine Røhder Assistant Professor Parent-child interaction, cerebral palsy, perinatal mental health, caregiving representations, infant socio-emotional development, early interventions +4535324800 E-mail
Kerstin Berwing Academic Staff Psychologist in Center for Anxiety +4535330727 E-mail
Lau Lilleholt Postdoc +4524633439 E-mail
Laura Michelle Rostgaard Maulhardt Research Assistant Research Assistant in the Copenhagen Daycare Project   E-mail
Lea Isabel Sidenius Research Assistant Phenomenology, psychological meanings of fiction, Merleau-Ponty, aesthetic experience, theory and history of science, hermeneutics   E-mail
Line Nielsen Postdoc Public mental health, mental health promotion, well-being, children/adolescents, intervention, partnerships, social inequality, ABCs of mental health +4535322103 E-mail
Maja Møller Sousa Postdoc +4528892230 E-mail
Malene Kubstrup Nelausen Research Assistant Mental health promotion, well-being, ABCs of mental health, partnerships, qualitative methods, interventions +4535337533 E-mail
Manea Velisar Research Assistant Research Assitant in Centre for Early Childhood Cognition +4560906603 E-mail
Maria Cabo Dannow Psychologist Psychologist in Center for Anxiety +4535334508 E-mail
Maria Stougård Postdoc   E-mail
Marianne Thode Krogh Postdoc Developmental testing, infants, parenthood, parent-infant relations, parental and infant screen use +4535335902 E-mail
Marie Louise Reinholdt-Dunne Associate Professor +4535324854 E-mail
Mette Skovgaard Væver Professor Early childhood mental health and development, attachment and care, parenthood, early intervention and prevention, developmental psychopathology +4535324906 E-mail
Monika Anna Walczak Assistant Professor Clinical psychology, anxiety disorders and depression in youth, cognitive behavioral therapy, metacognitive therapy, parent-based interventions +4535324943 E-mail
Paul Maurice Conway Associate Professor Psychosocial work environment, work stress, workplace mistreatment, workplace bullying, sickness presenteeism, ageing, work ability, mental health +4535324935 E-mail
Pia Ingold Associate Professor +4535324968 E-mail
Randi Starrfelt Professor Neuropsychology, brain injury, reading, face recognition, visual perception +4535324886 E-mail
Ro Julia Robotham Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Neuropsychology, brain injury, cognitive functions, cognitive deficits, visual perception, stroke, cerebral parese, fatigue, gender, the brain +4535331867 E-mail
Robert Böhm Professor +4535337227 E-mail
Seamus Anthony Power Associate Professor Culture, democracy, diversity, economic inequality, migration, morality, social movements, Denmark, E.U., Ireland, USA +4535332576 E-mail
Sebastian Tobias-Renstrøm Research Assistant   E-mail
Signe Allerup Vangkilde Associate professor, Head of Studies Visual perception and attention, cognition in neurodevelopmental disorders (ADHD, OCD, Tourette) and clinical disorders (anxiety, depression) +4535324885 E-mail
Simo Køppe Professor Pre-verbal development of the psyche, historical development of the subject, history and philosophy of science, the psychoanalytic subject model +4560228464 E-mail
Simon Hadlich Postdoc Cooperation, interdependence, institutional choice, situation perception, situational affordances, latent state-trait theory, open science practices   E-mail
Sonja Breinholst Associate Professor Child and adolescent anxiety, child and adolescent depression, cognitive behavioral therapy, early intervention and prevention +4535324892 E-mail
Sophie Reijman Assistant Professor - Tenure Track Infant attachment, parenting, parent-child interactions, child abuse and neglect, family support, early intervention +4535333793 E-mail
Steven Blurton Associate Professor   E-mail
Stig Bernt Poulsen Professor Clinical Psychology, psychotherapy research, psychotherapy training, practice-based research +4535324909 E-mail
Susanne Harder Professor with special responsibilities Psychosis, psychotherapy research, mother-infant interaction, infant research, preverbal vocalization, motor analysis, attachment +4535324907 E-mail
Susanne Lunn Associate Professor Eating disorders, psychotherapy, Clinical Psychology and psychopathology, psychoanalysis and psychodynamic therapy, psychology in literature/films +4535324908 E-mail
Søren Kyllingsbæk Professor Perception, attention, intentions, cognition, mathematical models +4535324861 E-mail
Thomas Habekost Professor Attention, vision, arousal, Neuropsychology, Cognitive Psychology +4535324860 E-mail
Thomas Morton Professor Self and social identity, social change, prejudice and discrimination, Environmental Psychology +4535326356 E-mail
Thor Grünbaum Associate Professor Philosophy of science, philosophy of psychology and cognitive science, consciousness, prospective memory, motor control +4535328857 E-mail
Timothy Charles Skinner Professor Diabetes, sleep, health, language +4535336082 E-mail
Tina Wahl Haase Academic Officer +4535336155 E-mail
Tine Steenhoff Postdoc Fathers, father-child relationship, fathers' influence on children's socio-emotional development, parenthood, attachment, early interventions +4535334395 E-mail
Tone Roald Associate Professor General Psychology, Personality Psychology, Phenomenological Psychology, qualitative methods, art, aesthetics +4535324847 E-mail
Torben Bechmann Jensen Associate Professor Social Psychology, social research: mental health, youth, marginalization, prostitution, smoking, counselling, migration and education +4535324846 E-mail
Tove Matzen Drachmann Psychologist Psychologist in Center for Anxiety +4535324571 E-mail
Vibeke Jenny Koushede Head of Department, Professor Public mental health, mental health promotion, wellbeing, intervention research, cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral partnerships +4535320511 E-mail
Victoria Helen Southgate Professor Early childhood development, cognitive development, neuroimaging, brain development, social cognition +4535334340 E-mail
Yun Ladegaard Postdoc Work-related mental disorders, stress, workers' compensation system, return to work, organizations'/managers' management of work-related illness +4535324924 E-mail