Intentions, Selection, and Agency

In the "Intentions, Selection, and Agency" (ISA) project, we investigate how humans remember what they have decided to do. Due to their vibrant and busy lives, humans make multiple decisions regarding future actions on a regular basis. However, many of those decisions need to be delayed for execution at a later point in time.

Consequently, we argue that there is a multitude of intentions represented in long-term memory at any given moment in time. When the time is right, the cognitive system has to select and retrieve, out of this multitude of stored intentions, the right intention for execution. This ability is central for human agency. Without it, humans would lose their ability for long-term planning, and their psychological and practical life would lose its structure and stability.






































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Intentions, Selections, and Agency is funded by Danish Council for Independent Research

Project: Intentions, Selections, and Agency


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