StarrLab is a research group working on neuropsychological aspects of visual recognition, with a focus on reading and face recognition. We conduct studies of patients with brain injury (mostly stroke), developmental disorders, as well as experimental studies with normal subjects.

StarrLab is led by Professor Randi Starrfelt.

Major grants:

2015-2019: Sapere Aude starting grant, Danish Research Council: The Back of the Brain (BoB): A new approch to cerebral specialisation of perceptual functions. DKK 5.653.429.

2014-2020: Danish Research Council | Humanities: On the relations between face, word and object recognition: A new and developmental perspective. In collaboration with Professor C. Gerlach, University of Southern Denmark. DKK 5.836.111.

2012-2014: Sapere Aude - Young research talent, Danish Research Council: DKK 1.004.422.