Signe Allerup Vangkilde

Signe Allerup Vangkilde


Research fields

  • Visual and attentional processes: experimental studies and mathematical modeling
  • Assessment of attention in healthy and clinical (neurological, psychiatric) populations
  • Cognitive deficits after brain damage

Research group memberships

  • Department of Psychology: Center for Visual Cognition
  • Department of Psychology: Clinical Neuropsychology
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, Bispebjerg Hospital (senior researcher)
  • International TVA network

Research: brief description

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Current research projects

  • Interactions between arousal, expectations and selective attention
  • Cognitive profiling of ADHD and Tourette’s Syndrome including effects of medication
  • Attention and emotional processing in neuropsychiatric disorders
  • Modeling of attentional processes in animal behavior (TVA analysis of 5CSRTT performance)

Major grants

2013-2017: Share of grant (4.367.692 Dkr.) INDIREA, EU Marie Curie Initial Training Network.

2013-2017: Share of grant (5.756.000 Dkr.)  from KU's crossdisciplinary 2016-program (PI: Ulrik Gether, vice-PI: Thomas Habekost): "Attention to Dopamine": 18.759.000 Dkr. 

2012-2016: Share of grant from the Danish Council for Independent Research's Sapere Aude program (PI: Thomas Habekost): "The attentive mind: towards a unified theory of visual selectivity and arousal": 8.637.068 Dkr.

2008-2013: Share of grant from KU's Centre of Excellence program (PI: Claus Bundesen): "Integrated visual attention research": 20.000.000 Dkr.

2007–2011: PhD stipend at Nordic Centre of Excellence in Cognitive Control, awarded by Nordforsk: 225.000 EUR.


  • Teaching and supervision at BA, KA, and Ph.D. levels in:
  • Cognitive Psychology (course coordinator)
  • Neuropsychology and neuropsychiatry
  • Bachelor’s theses
  • Master’s theses
  • Research methods in cognitive neuroscience
  • Clinical psychology with cognitive or neural aspects

Selected publications

Chechlacz, M., Gillebert, C., Vangkilde, S., Petersen, A., & Humphreys, G. (In press). Structural variability within frontoparietal networks and individual differences in attentional functions: An approach using the Theory of Visual Attention. Journal of Neuroscience,

Jensen, C. G., Niclasen, J., Vangkilde, S., Petersen, A., & Hasselbalch, S. G. (In press). General inattentiveness is a long-term reliable trait independently predictive of psychological health: Danish validation studies of the Mindful Attention Awareness Scale. Psychological Assessment.

Bundesen, C., Vangkilde, S., & Petersen, A. (In press). Recent Developments in a Computational Theory of Visual Attention (TVA). Vision Research. E-pub ahead of print; doi:10.1016/j.visres.2014.11.005.

Reinholdt-Dunne, M.L., Mogg, K., Vangkilde, S., Bradley, B.P., & Esbjørn, B.H. (In press). Attention control and attention to emotional stimuli in anxious children before and after cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive Therapy and Research.

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